Canadian Energy Person of the Year

The Energy Council of Canada chose Mayor Lori Ackerman of Fort St. John, British Columbia as Canadian Energy Person of the Year!

A 30-year resident of Fort St John, BC, Ackerman is one of Canada’s top energy advocates – admired for her leadership of a resource driven municipality, balancing the relationship of energy development, community representation and local First Nation communities.

Mayor Ackerman’s consistent advocacy for responsible development, technological innovation, and Canadian competitiveness, along with a willingness to share lessons learned and engage in dialogue regarding the relationship between local communities and Canada’s energy sector that marks her as a leader across Canada.

The Canadian Energy Person of the Year Award was established by the Energy Council of Canada in 2001 to pay tribute to a Canadian leader who has made a significant impact at the national and international levels promoting the Canadian energy sector and Canada’s role in the world energy market. Nominations are based on the nominee’s outstanding accomplishments, strong sense of social responsibility and commitment to the community, forward thinking and innovative spirit. Mayor Ackerman is the first politician to receive this award.