Fort St John, BC – North East BC Resource Municipalities Coalition’s Mayor Lori Ackerman (City of Fort St John), Mayor Rob Fraser (District of Taylor) and Mayor Bill Streeper (Northern Rockies Regional Municipalities) and several other members of the Coalition support the FSJ for LNG Rally.

On April 20, 2016, FSJ for LNG held a rally in support of the Natural Gas industry in North East BC, folks from around the region gathered at Centennial Park in Fort St John to listen to local leaders of government and industry talk about the benefits of Natural Gas and the positive impacts to the local and provincial economies.

Participants were not disappointed as MLA Pat Pimm and Premier Christie Clarke spoke to the audience, reinforcing the provinces commitment to a strong robust economy supported by LNG.

This Rally led to truck rallies that showcased the extent of support the region has for the development of the LNG industry, receiving recognition from Global BC.

Later in the day, Premier Clarke met with the NEBC Resource Coalition to discuss concerns on leveling the playing field regarding out of province companies competing for work in northern BC.