Empowering Community Voices in Resource Development


Protection and Enhancement of Resource Municipalities

Support continued development of communities as permanent, sustainable and vibrant centers that support agriculture, forestry, mining, tourism and oil and gas.

Mitigate Impacts

Ensuring that economic, social, community and financial impacts of resource growth are fully mitigated and compensated by government and industry.

Maximization Local Content and Increased Residency

Working to ensure local content of goods and services are considered as is local residency of the workforce, as an important consideration in decisions to grant social license to industry while reflecting industry needs in recruitment and retention.

Engagement in Resource and Infrastructure Development

Advocate that resource municipalities be involved and consulted in all resource development decisions that directly or indirectly affect their interests.

Promote and Extending Funding Agreements

Working with government to ensure agreements are protected and extended to ensure adequate tax base or revenue support addresses the financial impacts on resource municipalities.

Protection of Environment

Working with industry and all levels of government to ensure that resource development takes place in a manner that protects the natural environment and the safety and health of residents.

Collaboration and Partnerships with First Nations

Working to sustain and further develop relationships with First Nations to help address issues of mutual concern related to future resource development.

Support Investment to Expand Municipal Services and Infrastructure

Ensuring that the Provincial Government makes timely investments in the expansion of provincial services and infrastructure within resource municipalities.